In 1985, life-long friends, Ted Rossell, a union sheet-metal worker, and Chuck Wallace, a local well driller, began Rose-wall Manufacturing, Incorporated. Using their experience, they knew that together they could make quality water tanks, sell them at an affordable price and provide great customer service. The first water tank made to sell was finished in early 1985, and it was sold to a local company. This water tank is still in full service today.

In 1989, Ted and Chuck decided to try their hand at making a grout machine. After building many prototypes, they were finally satisfied with the 4100 Grouter. This grouter is mainly used for grouting bentonite, but other grouters were built for different types of grout as well.

In 1997, the partners decided that they needed more quality control over the sandblasting and painting performed on their water tanks. The paint shop and sandblasting station was added to the operation, and now everything from start to finish, is done at one location.

In 2000, Ted Rossell became the sole owner of Rose-wall Manufacturing and leads the company with the same business values it began with; build a quality product, sell at an affordable price and provide excellent customer service.

In 2015, Ted’s son, Brad, bought the company and took over as sole owner of Rose-wall, expanding the business. Branching out into unexplored territory, Brad began upfitting mechanic’s bodies.

Current Owner

Growing up around the business, Brad began his journey to owner at a young age. Working under the mindful tutelage of his father, he learned the ins and outs of the manufacturing process. As an adult, he became a full time employee in the family business, creating well drilling equipment for staples of the community.

Eventually, Brad decided to buy the company from his father and continue the tradition of manufacturing.


Currently Rose-wall is booming, fulfilling orders as fast as they receive them from customers across the country.